Virtual Receptionist


When people talk about virtual assistant services, most think of tasks involving customer service or order taking. We can’t blame them from thinking that way: at the dawn of the BPO industry, virtual receptionist services were the first companies that emerged.


Nowadays, online jobs are no longer limited to virtual receptionist tasks. Thanks to advances in information technology, it has become possible to outsource a wide variety of administrative and support tasks. Writers, graphic designers, and even media buyers can now deliver their output through the cloud.


At English Cloud Administrative Services (ECAS), we provide various American English-based administrative services for small businesses and large corporations all around the world, all handled by virtual (cloud-based) assistants. Unlike other cloud staffing companies that only provide virtual receptionist services, English Cloud Admin. Services provides a wide variety of qualified professionals for any job that you require. We provide online writers, media buyers, Internet marketing/SEO personnel, graphic designers, and much more. And even if your company requires an employee that is not on our list of professionals, if the job can be outsourced, we can help you find an employee to fit that position. Though these virtual employees work from our office, they work for your company on a full-time basis!


Take advantage of English Cloud Administrative Services’ virtual services now! Not only will you save money on employee wages, but English Cloud Admin. Services also handles the lengthy hiring process for you. Our services can also save you the trouble of dealing with wage taxes, work conflicts, and legal liabilities that US employers commonly encounter..


Our services are available in the United States. If you’re interested or if you have any inquiries, please go to our Contact Us page and feel free to leave any questions or comments. Thank you for visiting our website.