Phone Answering Service


If you’re a newcomer to business process outsourcing (BPO), you might be under the misconception that they only offer a live answering service. That might have been true 10 years ago, when the first BPOs offering only phone answering service emerged, but information technology has advanced greatly over the past decade: nowadays, BPOs have expanded from a mere phone answering service to encompass a wide variety of specialized administrative tasks.


It’s inevitable that BPOs evolved from a phone answering service: through outsourcing, companies can save a huge amount of money by not having to maintain a physical office. Hiring people through the cloud can also provide the following benefits:

• Accomplishing office tasks using virtual employees at lower salary rates

• Delegating the hiring and maintaining of employees to a cloud-based service provider

• Cutting expenses on employer wage taxes

• Avoiding legal liabilities associated with US-based employees


Outsourcing is the latest business trend, and it only makes sense to capitalize on all the benefits it can bring. And you won’t find a better partner to help you with that than English Cloud Administrative Services (ECAS)!


English Cloud Admin. Services is here to provide American English-based online staffing solutions for all types of businesses. We don’t provide a phone answering service: instead, we have a diverse team of specialists including online content writers, Internet marketers, SEO experts, graphic designers, media buyers, commercial collection agents, data entry professionals, and more. Our virtual staff members have been thoroughly screened by our innovative hiring and maintenance system which guarantees you’ll always get the best person for the job. And if the virtual employee you’re looking for isn't on our list, we can help you find an employee to fit your needs. Though these virtual employees work from our office, they work for you on a full-time basis!


Don’t get stuck with the assumption that BPOs can only offer a phone answering service! With English Cloud Administrative Services, your dreams of having your own virtual office can be a reality. We can even help you avoid legal and tax issues to further boost your returns!


Let English Cloud Admin. Services make business easier for you. Partner with us and find out what a virtual office can do for your business!


Our services are available in the United States. If you’re interested or if you have any inquiries, please go to our Contact Us page and feel free to leave any questions or comments. Thank you for visiting our website.