English Cloud Administrative Services takes great pride in helping its clients strengthen their businesses. A few of our clients have taken time out their day to thank us for our dedication. We truly appreciate their kind words.




“I found English Cloud via a brochure they faxed us. We were initially hesitant about "hiring employees in the cloud" (by the way, I love how they say that), but I thank my boss every week for letting me test them out. Our team members at English Cloud thank me (and our company) almost every day for their jobs, and they do the work with a great attitude. Yes, there have been some small issues with training/mistakes, and we have had to deal with a bad applicant or two; however, I wouldn’t even consider going back to the way we used to do things (not unless there were drastic employment law and attitude changes in our country). We used to endure constant turnover throughout most of our administrative positions: once we finally got someone trained, they were usually gone 2-6 months later. We finally figured out why: there were laws keeping us from screening out applicants with a bad work history. There was too big of a pool of candidates with a crappy entitlement based work ethic: when we had to tell people "you can't take off work early two days a week to take little Johnny to soccer practice," they would sometimes not show up the next day. We looked at the turnover statistics for this type of employee and finally said we had enough. To keep the same cycle going and then expecting it to change was the definition of insanity.


Jen and the English Cloud team will continue to have our business as long as they want it!"














"Working with English Cloud to run all of our back office and channel process support is not only a pleasure, it makes business sense!


I’m proud of our company’s ability to deliver a great service and incredible pricing to our clients... In today’s economy you need every edge you can get.


English Cloud makes it possible for us to have more man-power, which provides faster and higher quality service to my clients; and for that they are an invaluable element of my organizational success."


M.Dennis Frey

Director of Sales

Wholesale Airtime Auction



"Our company had been using oDesk for most of our administrative staffing projects. And while we did find a few good staff members on oDesk, many of them were not. The reason many of them were not was due to the fact that they were working for multiple companies at the same time (and they were not allowed to do this, nor did they tell us they were). We don’t have this problem with English Cloud for three reasons:


1.  Our employees are guaranteed (via contract) to work 100% for us.  

2.  Our employees are all located in the same building.  

3.  We get to correspond with each employee via webcam.  Not only does it provide verification, but it helps with team building and developing a personal relationship with each one.


I’m sold on English Cloud.  And I will gladly provide references if anybody needs one."



J. Brown – General Manager





Jake Stewart

Vice President & Internet Marketing Supervisor