Call Answering Service


Business process outsourcing has come a long way. With the way that computers and the Internet have developed over the past decade, BPOs have diversified from just a call answering service or call center solutions to a wide variety of administrative tasks.


BPO allows companies to hire people from other parts of the world to perform such tasks, bringing numerous benefits to client companies. Here are some of the ways that companies benefit by hiring virtual employees for a call answering service or other office work:

• Salary rates of cloud-based employees are much lower

• Cloud-based administrative service providers do the hiring for you

• Employer wage taxes do not apply to cloud-based employees

• Work-related legal issues are eliminated


In short, hiring virtual employees results in lower operating costs and higher revenues. And when it comes to hiring virtual employees, there’s no better partner than English Cloud Administrative Services (ECAS). At English Cloud Admin. Services, we provide you with far more than just a call answering service: we provide cloud-based employees that fit any administrative task that you need. With our innovative hiring and maintenance system, we guarantee online professionals that have the qualifications and work ethic to fit any job description. Because English Cloud Administrative Services facilitates the interviewing and selection of these cloud employees, you save a lot of time and effort on the hiring process. And while these virtual employees work from our office, they work for your company on a full-time basis!


Whether you hire cloud-based employees for a call answering service, a writing job, a marketing task, or any other job, US laws do not apply to these cloud employees, allowing you to cut costs on employer wage taxes. In addition, you don’t have to deal with unnecessary legal liabilities that are usually encountered with US-based employees.


Though we are a fairly new company, many clients have already taken advantage of our services: though their operations may vary from a call answering service to creative design or accounting tasks, we can always supply them with the virtual employees they need.


Take advantage of hiring through the cloud! Partner with English Cloud Admin. Services and make business easier!


Our services are available in the United States. For more information, please go to our Contact Us page and send us your questions or comments. Thank you very much for visiting our website.