BPO Companies



Outsourcing companies first started out handling customer service and sales calls; small wonder, then, that many business owners assume that BPO companies are still limited to offering such services after all this time. However, information technology has evolved over the past decade, and BPO companies have evolved alongside them to the point that a wide variety of office tasks can now be easily outsourced.


Thanks to the power of the Internet, modern BPO companies can offer cloud-based employees in many fields: media buying, content writing, graphic design, and more. While the tools, the hardware, and even the bandwidth needed to deliver these services simply didn’t exist when BPO companies first came into existence, the online infrastructure that exists today allows all these tasks to be outsourced to qualified virtual employees.


BPO companies offer a number of benefits to business owners:


• Get the qualified professionals you need at lower salary rates

• Cloud-based service providers handle the interviewing and hiring process

• Avoid US employer wage taxes

• Eliminate the chance of having work related legal liabilities since cloud-based employees are not covered by US laws.


Let virtual office services transform the way you do business. At English Cloud Administrative Services, we offer all the cloud-based administrative services your business needs.  The virtual employees we have at ECAS undergo a rigorous hiring process to ensure that they have the skills and work ethic to handle any office task you need outsourced. We can provide marketing specialists, media buyers, content writers, and much more. And if you need a skill that’s not on our list, we can find someone with the expertise to meet your specific needs.


Let English Cloud Administrative Services handle the heavy lifting for you - the time and effort you’ll save is time and effort you can spend on growing your business!


Our services are available in the United States. If you’re interested or if you have any inquiries, please go to our Contact Us page and feel free to leave any questions or comments. Thank you very much for visiting our website.