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Back Office Outsourcing

Back office outsourcing continues to revolutionize the world of business: more and more companies are switching from office-based personnel to virtual professionals capable of performing the same services. The past decade has seen huge leaps in computing and Internet technology, and online staffing companies are now capable of handling a wide variety of administrative tasks, including data entry, IT management, and accounting services.

It’s a whole new business paradigm: with back office outsourcing, business owners can spend more time and energy on their core competencies instead of day-to-day administrative tasks. Back office outsourcing allows businesses to save resources that are being wasted on tasks that lie outside their core focus and spend them instead on those that are vital to their continued operation, productivity, and revenue. Better still, back office outsourcing provides professionals with the same level of dedication, skill, and expertise as in-house employees-but at a fraction of the cost.

At English Cloud Administrative Services, we take pride in helping our clients focus on their core competencies through our wide range of American English-based services. Our team of highly qualified and talented cloud-based experts includes content writers, media buyers, marketing specialists, data entry personnel, customer care representatives, and more. All our cloud-based employees have gone through a rigorous screening and selection process to ensure that our clients receive only the best. And if a client has a job they need filled that isn’t on our list of services, it’s no problem – we can easily find an expert to handle it!

Let back office outsourcing transform your business! Hire full-time employees for a fraction of the usual cost while avoiding the tedious hiring and training process. With ECAS, you also won’t have to deal with profit-consuming wage taxes, work disputes, and legal liabilities. Partner with English Cloud Administrative Services and experience the future of business!

24 Hour Answering Service

Still think that the only job in the BPO industry is a small business answering service? It’s true that the first BPOs only provided 24 hour answering service for customer care and technical support, but advances in information technology have made it possible for BPO companies to provide other specialized administrative tasks online. Today, employees providing 24 hour answering service are only a small fraction of the virtual workforce.

Hiring people through the cloud can bring many benefits to your company. With virtual employees that can offer more than just  24 hour answering service, you can have the following:

 • Cloud-based employees that can perform the same tasks at a lower salary

 • A cloud-based service provider that handles hiring and maintaining of employees for you

 • Exemption from US employer wage taxes

 • No more work-related legal liabilities


With virtual employees, you won’t have to break your budget with office overhead. And for virtual office services, you won’t find a better partner than English Cloud Administrative Services (ECAS)!


At English Cloud Admin. Services, we don’t provide 24 hour answering service: instead, we provide a wide variety of online professionals specializing in content writing, Internet marketing/SEO, graphic design, media buying, debt collection, and more. While these employees work from our office, they work for you on a full-time basis. Our cloud-based professionals have been thoroughly screened by our innovative staff hiring and maintenance system, guaranteeing you’ll always get the right person for the job. And if the employee you’re looking for is not on our list, no problem! We can help you find the employee that matches your needs.


English Cloud Administrative Services is nothing like other BPOs that only offer 24 hour answering service. No matter what kind of business you run, we guarantee you won’t have to pay employer wage taxes or deal with work-related lawsuits. With us, you can now focus more on your business’s core competencies and earnings. It so much easier with English Cloud Admin. Services!