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Unlike what most people think, the business process outsourcing industry didn’t take off instantaneously like a jet at mach speed – it was a gradual ascent with the help of advances in computing technology and the Internet. The infrastructure of back then only allowed BPO companies to deliver call center staffing services for the most part, but with the emergence of high-speed broadband connections and the advanced software tools to take advantage of them, these BPO staffing companies are no longer just for call center staffing: they can provide online staff for a huge variety of tasks!


As more and more businesses discover the power of outsourcing, more people are coming to realize that the time and energy they spend on daily administrative tasks could be better spent focusing on their core competencies instead. With more efficient application software and higher bandwidth at their disposal, BPO providers can now offer more than call center staffing services, and as a result, demand for cloud-based employees is skyrocketing. Gone are the days when BPO companies could be labeled as “just call center staffing companies”: they now offer online data entry personnel, accountants, writers, online marketers, advertisers and creative professionals – practically any job imaginable!


Whether your business needs call center staffing or any other kind of administrative service, working with a BPO provider can offer you a ton of benefits, including:


• Lower costs for personnel

• Offloading your hiring process

• Avoiding wage taxes and work-related disputes/lawsuits


At English Cloud Administrative Services, we can take your business to new heights with our full range of American English-based virtual administrative services. Our cloud-based employees are carefully selected and trained to be at the top of their field to ensure they provide only the best for your business. We have experts in Internet marketing, content writing, advertising, data processing and much more. And if the people you need aren’t on our list, don’t worry – we have the resources to find the right person for the job!


Avail of English Cloud Administrative Services’s process outsourcing solutions now and watch your business soar!




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