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Once upon a time, it wouldn’t have been wrong to assume that business process outsourcing (BPO) only involves phone answering service jobs. But even though it’s true that the first BPO companies only provided business answering services, advances in information technology have made it possible to deliver other specialized administrative tasks online.


Now that outsourcing has such diverse applications, even businesses that have no need for business answering services can benefit from a virtual office. With virtual services, companies can:


• Hire cloud-based employees that have the same capabilities as US-based employees at a lower salary

• Let their cloud-based service provider handle hiring and maintaining employees

• Be exempt from US employer wage taxes

• Avoid work-related legal liabilities


Outsourcing can do more for you than just business answering services! And for the best in virtual office services, you need to partner with the best: English Cloud Administrative Services (ECAS)!


English Cloud Administrative Services doesn’t provide business answering services: it provides American English-based administrative services for businesses worldwide. Instead of mere business answering services, English Cloud Admin. Services has a pool of content writers, Internet marketers, SEO experts, graphic designers, media buyers, commercial collection agents, data entry professionals, and more. Our extensive staff hiring and maintenance system thoroughly screens our virtual employees, ensuring you’ll always get the right person for the job. And if the employee you’re looking for is not on our list, we can help you find an employee that suits your needs.


Though our virtual employees work from our office, they work for your company full-time. With a virtual office, you not only boost your savings and returns, but you get to handpick the best professionals from around the world!


With us, you now have more time to focus on other aspects of your businesses. Hiring people through the cloud has never made it so much easier!




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