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It’s amazing to consider how far business process outsourcing has come in 10 years’ time. Even though the industry was once dominated by companies providing answering services for small businesses, advances in computer and information technology have made it possible to outsource virtually any administrative task. In addition to answering services, the Internet has made it possible to deliver files and tasks through cloud hosting, and new applications and infrastructure have made communication faster and more efficient.

More than anything, business process outsourcing saves money: for many companies, outsourcing is a very attractive proposition as it virtually eliminates the overhead for a physical office. Just like with online answering services, business owners can benefit from cloud administrative services by:


• Hiring virtual employees with the same competence and qualifications at lower salary rates.

• Having an online administrative service provider to handle hiring and maintenance of virtual employees on their behalf.

• Being exempt from employer wage taxes.

• Avoiding unnecessary work-related legal liabilities, as are common with US-based employees.

Cloud-based administrative services are the new trend, and it only makes sense to take advantage of them. Every office task, not just answering services, can now be done through the cloud, and if your business needs virtual employees, you won’t find a better deal than with English Cloud Outsourcing Services (ECAS)!

At English Cloud Admin. Services, we don’t provide you with answering services; rather we provide a professional team of virtual employees capable of handling any English-based administrative task. We have people that can handle jobs such as writing, Internet marketing, SEO, graphic design, media buying, debt collection, and data entry. Through our innovative hiring and maintenance system, we ensure that our professionals have the knowledge, skills, and attitude to handle any task you require.

English Cloud Administrative Services is not a company offering simple answering services; we can handle even the most challenging tasks. Our clients range from media buying companies and debt acquisition firms to creative design groups and beyond. But all of them have the same thing to say about us: hiring people through English Cloud Admin. Services is the best thing that ever happened to their business.

Whatever task your office needs, English Cloud Administrative Services can deliver. Let our virtual office expand your horizon for success!




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