Virtual Answering Service

Virtual office services have come a long way: in less than a decade, they’ve expanded to cover a huge number of different fields. Nowadays, online jobs are not just limited to providing a virtual answering service, as advances in computer and information technology have enabled other administrative tasks to be performed in a virtual office.


Another reason why virtual services have expanded from a mere virtual answering service is that technology has made it easier for businesses to operate, thus increasing demand for these services. Furthermore, hiring virtual employees provides many perks:

• Virtual employees work for lower salaries than US-based employees

• Cloud-based service providers handle the hiring process on the client’s behalf

• Work-related lawsuits are eliminated

• Employer wage taxes do not apply to cloud-based employees


In short, hiring virtual employees saves you both money and hassle. And as more and more businesses enter the virtual arena, online jobs are becoming more diverse: a quick search for “online jobs” will turn up much more than just call center agents and virtual answering service results.


To keep up with the ever-increasing demand for virtual employees, English Cloud Administrative Services (ECAS) provides virtual (“cloud”-based) employees that can perform various American English-based administrative services for businesses of all sizes around the world. English Cloud Admin. Services offers more than just a virtual answering service: it provides virtual staff with a variety of specializations, capable of delivering tasks according to the client’s requirements. English Cloud Administrative Services provides professionals qualified for any job: though they work from a virtual office, they work for their clients on a full-time basis.


Instead of a virtual answering service, English Cloud Admin. Services provides content writers, Internet marketers, SEO personnel, graphic designers, and much more. These virtual employees are highly skilled and trained to provide maximum customer satisfaction. English Cloud can staff for any virtual office job: as long as the client requires process outsourcing task – ECAS can readily provide it.

Professional Answering Service

If you still think that BPO companies only offer live telephone answering service, think again! Advances in information technology have brought exciting changes to the industry, making it possible to perform almost any office task online instead of just a professional answering service.


Whether for a professional answering service or any other task, businesses around the world are jumping on the outsourcing bandwagon. And there’s no reason not to: hiring people through the cloud offers everything an office needs. Here are some things to consider:

  • Virtual employees offer the same competence as US-based employees at lower salary rates.

  • Cloud-based service providers handle hiring and maintaining virtual employees for you.

  • US employer wage taxes don’t apply with virtual employees.

  • Work-related legal liabilities don’t apply with virtual employees.


Don’t bother with a virtual office that only offers a professional answering service. You can get much more than that with English Cloud Administrative Services (ECAS)!


English Cloud Admin. Services offers more than just a professional answering service: we provide a wide variety of top-tier online professionals for a wide variety of virtual office tasks. Our innovative staff hiring and maintenance system can provide you with virtual employees that have the skills, knowledge, and attitude to suit your precise business needs. Instead of just a professional answering service, we have professionals who specialize in content writing, Internet marketing/SEO, media buying, graphic design, debt acquisition, and more. And if the employee you are looking for is not on our list, we can help you find the employee you need!


English Cloud Administrative Services can give you the best people for all your staffing needs! With English Cloud Admin. Services as your partner, you can now focus more on other aspects of your business and enjoy the fruits of your success. Partner with English Cloud Admin. Services now – and see what outsourcing can maximize your business’s potential!

Customer Service Call Center

If you still think that the only job offered by business process outsourcing is a business answering service, think again! The BPO industry has evolved with new developments in information technology, making it possible to deliver a wide variety of administrative tasks online. Because of these new possibilities for BPO, customer service call center jobs only constitute a small fraction of the total virtual workforce.


The time is right for virtual offices to take center stage and bring businesses like yours to new heights. Hiring people through the cloud provides many benefits and lets you avoid common problems associated with hiring US-based employees:


• Virtual employees can perform your tasks at a fraction of the usual salary.

• The cloud-based administrative service provider handles hiring and maintaining virtual staff for you.

• With virtual employees, you are exempt from US employer wage taxes.

• You won’t be bothered by work-related legal liabilities anymore.


It’s time to take advantage of a virtual office! And for quality virtual staff, you won’t find a better partner than English Cloud Administrative Services (ECAS)!


We are not a customer service call center: we provide a wide selection of talented virtual employees that can perform any online administrative task your business requires. Our pool of cloud-based employees includes content writers, Internet marketers, SEO experts, media buyers, graphic designers, data entry professionals, and much more. Unlike a customer service call center, our innovative staff hiring and maintenance system guarantees that the virtual employees you’ll get will have the qualifications, skills, and work ethic for the job.


If all you’re looking for is a customer service call center, you’re missing out on what a virtual office can do for your business. With virtual employees performing most of your office tasks, you can save money on maintaining a physical office, giving you an opportunity to focus more on other aspects of your business!


English Cloud Admin. Services gives you much more than a customer service call center! Partner with us and unleash the power of process outsourcing for your business!



Call Center Staffing

Unlike what most people think, the business process outsourcing industry didn’t take off instantaneously like a jet at mach speed – it was a gradual ascent with the help of advances in computing technology and the Internet. The infrastructure of back then only allowed BPO companies to deliver call center staffing services for the most part, but with the emergence of high-speed broadband connections and the advanced software tools to take advantage of them, these BPO staffing companies are no longer just for call center staffing: they can provide online staff for a huge variety of tasks!


As more and more businesses discover the power of outsourcing, more people are coming to realize that the time and energy they spend on daily administrative tasks could be better spent focusing on their core competencies instead. With more efficient application software and higher bandwidth at their disposal, BPO providers can now offer more than call center staffing services, and as a result, demand for cloud-based employees is skyrocketing. Gone are the days when BPO companies could be labeled as “just call center staffing companies”: they now offer online data entry personnel, accountants, writers, online marketers, advertisers and creative professionals – practically any job imaginable!


Whether your business needs call center staffing or any other kind of administrative service, working with a BPO provider can offer you a ton of benefits, including:


• Lower costs for personnel

• Offloading your hiring process

• Avoiding wage taxes and work-related disputes/lawsuits


At English Cloud Administrative Services, we can take your business to new heights with our full range of American English-based virtual administrative services. Our cloud-based employees are carefully selected and trained to be at the top of their field to ensure they provide only the best for your business. We have experts in Internet marketing, content writing, advertising, data processing and much more. And if the people you need aren’t on our list, don’t worry – we have the resources to find the right person for the job!


Avail of English Cloud Administrative Services’s process outsourcing solutions now and watch your business soar!



Business Answering Services

Once upon a time, it wouldn’t have been wrong to assume that business process outsourcing (BPO) only involves phone answering service jobs. But even though it’s true that the first BPO companies only provided business answering services, advances in information technology have made it possible to deliver other specialized administrative tasks online.


Now that outsourcing has such diverse applications, even businesses that have no need for business answering services can benefit from a virtual office. With virtual services, companies can:


• Hire cloud-based employees that have the same capabilities as US-based employees at a lower salary

• Let their cloud-based service provider handle hiring and maintaining employees

• Be exempt from US employer wage taxes

• Avoid work-related legal liabilities


Outsourcing can do more for you than just business answering services! And for the best in virtual office services, you need to partner with the best: English Cloud Administrative Services (ECAS)!


English Cloud Administrative Services doesn’t provide business answering services: it provides American English-based administrative services for businesses worldwide. Instead of mere business answering services, English Cloud Admin. Services has a pool of content writers, Internet marketers, SEO experts, graphic designers, media buyers, commercial collection agents, data entry professionals, and more. Our extensive staff hiring and maintenance system thoroughly screens our virtual employees, ensuring you’ll always get the right person for the job. And if the employee you’re looking for is not on our list, we can help you find an employee that suits your needs.


Though our virtual employees work from our office, they work for your company full-time. With a virtual office, you not only boost your savings and returns, but you get to handpick the best professionals from around the world!


With us, you now have more time to focus on other aspects of your businesses. Hiring people through the cloud has never made it so much easier!



Answering Services

It’s amazing to consider how far business process outsourcing has come in 10 years’ time. Even though the industry was once dominated by companies providing answering services for small businesses, advances in computer and information technology have made it possible to outsource virtually any administrative task. In addition to answering services, the Internet has made it possible to deliver files and tasks through cloud hosting, and new applications and infrastructure have made communication faster and more efficient.

More than anything, business process outsourcing saves money: for many companies, outsourcing is a very attractive proposition as it virtually eliminates the overhead for a physical office. Just like with online answering services, business owners can benefit from cloud administrative services by:


• Hiring virtual employees with the same competence and qualifications at lower salary rates.

• Having an online administrative service provider to handle hiring and maintenance of virtual employees on their behalf.

• Being exempt from employer wage taxes.

• Avoiding unnecessary work-related legal liabilities, as are common with US-based employees.

Cloud-based administrative services are the new trend, and it only makes sense to take advantage of them. Every office task, not just answering services, can now be done through the cloud, and if your business needs virtual employees, you won’t find a better deal than with English Cloud Outsourcing Services (ECAS)!

At English Cloud Admin. Services, we don’t provide you with answering services; rather we provide a professional team of virtual employees capable of handling any English-based administrative task. We have people that can handle jobs such as writing, Internet marketing, SEO, graphic design, media buying, debt collection, and data entry. Through our innovative hiring and maintenance system, we ensure that our professionals have the knowledge, skills, and attitude to handle any task you require.

English Cloud Administrative Services is not a company offering simple answering services; we can handle even the most challenging tasks. Our clients range from media buying companies and debt acquisition firms to creative design groups and beyond. But all of them have the same thing to say about us: hiring people through English Cloud Admin. Services is the best thing that ever happened to their business.

Whatever task your office needs, English Cloud Administrative Services can deliver. Let our virtual office expand your horizon for success!