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Small Business Answering Service

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Outsourcing Company

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English Cloud Administrative Services Is Now On Google +

English Cloud Administrative Services LLC, a leading provider of quality virtual office services, cloud-based staff and back office solutions, is proud to announce the launching of its Google + page!

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Virtual Answering Service

Virtual office services have come a long way: in less than a decade, they’ve expanded to cover a huge number of different fields. Nowadays, online jobs are not just limited to providing a virtual answering service, as advances in computer and information technology have enabled other administrative tasks to be performed in a virtual office.


Another reason why virtual services have expanded from a mere virtual answering service is that technology has made it easier for businesses to operate, thus increasing demand for these services. Furthermore, hiring virtual employees provides many perks:

• Virtual employees work for lower salaries than US-based employees

• Cloud-based service providers handle the hiring process on the client’s behalf

• Work-related lawsuits are eliminated

• Employer wage taxes do not apply to cloud-based employees


In short, hiring virtual employees saves you both money and hassle. And as more and more businesses enter the virtual arena, online jobs are becoming more diverse: a quick search for “online jobs” will turn up much more than just call center agents and virtual answering service results.


To keep up with the ever-increasing demand for virtual employees, English Cloud Administrative Services (ECAS) provides virtual (“cloud”-based) employees that can perform various American English-based administrative services for businesses of all sizes around the world. English Cloud Admin. Services offers more than just a virtual answering service: it provides virtual staff with a variety of specializations, capable of delivering tasks according to the client’s requirements. English Cloud Administrative Services provides professionals qualified for any job: though they work from a virtual office, they work for their clients on a full-time basis.


Instead of a virtual answering service, English Cloud Admin. Services provides content writers, Internet marketers, SEO personnel, graphic designers, and much more. These virtual employees are highly skilled and trained to provide maximum customer satisfaction. English Cloud can staff for any virtual office job: as long as the client requires process outsourcing task – ECAS can readily provide it.

Customer Service Outsourcing Finally Expands Towards The United Kingdom And The Euro Zone!

English Cloud Outsourcing Services has finally arrived on the other side of the Atlantic to provide top-tier virtual office solutions and online staffing services to small, medium and large businesses all over the U.K. and Europe! As Europe gradually recovers from its recent economic downturn, the company is set to open its services to European businesses and help boost process outsourcing in the region. Click here to read the story:

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New English Cloud Outsourcing Vimeo Video Channel

If you would like to learn more about our outsourcing services check out some of out short, fun little videos on our Vimeo Video Channel:

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Professional Answering Service

If you still think that BPO companies only offer live telephone answering service, think again! Advances in information technology have brought exciting changes to the industry, making it possible to perform almost any office task online instead of just a professional answering service.


Whether for a professional answering service or any other task, businesses around the world are jumping on the outsourcing bandwagon. And there’s no reason not to: hiring people through the cloud offers everything an office needs. Here are some things to consider:

  • Virtual employees offer the same competence as US-based employees at lower salary rates.

  • Cloud-based service providers handle hiring and maintaining virtual employees for you.

  • US employer wage taxes don’t apply with virtual employees.

  • Work-related legal liabilities don’t apply with virtual employees.


Don’t bother with a virtual office that only offers a professional answering service. You can get much more than that with English Cloud Administrative Services (ECAS)!


English Cloud Admin. Services offers more than just a professional answering service: we provide a wide variety of top-tier online professionals for a wide variety of virtual office tasks. Our innovative staff hiring and maintenance system can provide you with virtual employees that have the skills, knowledge, and attitude to suit your precise business needs. Instead of just a professional answering service, we have professionals who specialize in content writing, Internet marketing/SEO, media buying, graphic design, debt acquisition, and more. And if the employee you are looking for is not on our list, we can help you find the employee you need!


English Cloud Administrative Services can give you the best people for all your staffing needs! With English Cloud Admin. Services as your partner, you can now focus more on other aspects of your business and enjoy the fruits of your success. Partner with English Cloud Admin. Services now – and see what outsourcing can maximize your business’s potential!

Canadian Businesses Looking for Process Outsourcing Sales, etc. get new Options

U.S. based English Cloud Outsourcing Services has recently began offering BPO outsourcing services to Canadian small businesses in Canadian Dollars (CAD). This will allow our Canadian clients to set their monthly budgets in stone, opposed to dealing with the wild uncertainty of currency fluctuations between Canada and the overseas location where their outsourced employees reside.

Please check in a few weeks for the official Press Release about the new program.

Process Outsourcing Options for Canadian Small Businesses

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Outsourcing Companies

Business process outsourcing has evolved dramatically over the past decade: while they once only offered call center services, advances in information technology have made it possible for outsourcing companies to handle a wide variety of office tasks.


A decade ago, the tools and infrastructure simply didn’t exist for outsourcing companies to handle anything more complex than making and receiving phone calls, but nowadays, businesses can count on outsourcing companies to take care of a full range of tasks, including writing, media buying, and graphic design. Virtual office services are in such high demand that outsourcing companies are actually scrambling to keep up: not only do they allow businesses to pay lower salary rates for skilled employees, but they also allow them to avoid employer wage taxes, work-related legal liabilities, and the tedious and time-consuming process of hiring and training new employees.


English Cloud Administrative Services can help your business take advantage of all these benefits and more. The virtual employees we provide at ECAS have gone through a rigorous hiring and training processes to ensure that your office tasks are handled with skill and efficiency. Our roster of qualified professionals includes content writers, media buyers, marketing experts, and many others. And if you need an employee that’s not on our list, we can find you someone with the expertise you require.


Outsourcing companies are transforming the way people do business, and if you’re looking for the best transformation for your business, we at English Cloud Administrative Services have the solution.