• Legal Liability Issues

  • No bogus lawsuits for unfair hiring/interviewing practices

  • No potential lawsuits for age, race, or gender discrimination

  • No potential lawsuits for sexual harassment

  • No potential lawsuits for unlawful termination

  • No potential lawsuits for workplace injury


• Employee-Related Taxes

  • No employment wage taxes

  • No Retirement or Social Security wage taxes

  • No Medicaid wage taxes

  • No health insurance wage taxes or penalties

  • No quarterly or annual tax filing deadlines


• Other Employee-Related Expenses

  • No worker's compensation insurance

  • No health insurance matching

  • No retirement account matching

  • No monthly payroll accounting service charges














Most businesses consider cost savings on wages as the only benefit of outsourcing or using a cloud-based administrative service like ours. At English Cloud Admin, we believe outsourcing has much more to offer than that. Here are the most important benefits our service provides:



• Higher-Quality Administrative Employees

     • No pre-hiring questions are off limits - we ask applicants whatever we need to ask to ensure the highest quality        and lowest turnover for your business.

     • This includes questions about age, race, family, politics, personal preferences, religion, attitudes toward business/wealth, etc.

     • We also contact all current and former employers of prospective applicants. We require that the employers give us a detailed analysis of the applicant’s work ethic, behavior, punctuality, intelligence, etc. No more "we can't tell you that because of liability issues" - if the applicant doesn't have great reviews, we don't hire them.


• Higher-Quality Work Ethic

    • No more personal tweeting and texting at work

    • No more "flexible schedules" or golf on Fridays


• More Loyalty To Your Team And Business

   • 50% less turnover = less re-training for your business

As any business executive or entrepreneur knows, increasing taxes, unfair regulations, and bogus lawsuits can ruin a business. English Cloud Admin allows your business to focus on core competencies, better client relations, and a better return on investment for your shareholders. If you are ready to speak with one of our company representatives or request a price quote, please go to our Contact Us page.